Brand New Realtors

It’s not every new realtor who makes it to the 5 year mark, and actually, the statistics can be pretty scary. Only 17% make it. Don’t be discouraged! I teach realtors how to become successful and how to last in this fabulous industry.

This can be an amazing career especially if you love to work with people in helping them achieve their real estate goals. Remember this, you are making a difference in people’s lives and any realtor who does not take that seriously should reconsider their vocation. I’m serious! Ok, we’re not saving lives but we are facilitating people in building their lives, to move to the next phase of their lives. Maybe to start a family or sell their home so they can start their dream business or whatever the reason, we can help them make sure their transition is smooth and as rewarding as possible. A realtor with poor training and attitude can mess it all up for them.

Having the sincere desire to help people is a must in my company. I won’t work with any mentees who are in it just for their own benefit. They don’t fit in with my paradigm and I simply can’t relate to them. Realtors who truly care about becoming the best they can be so they can service clients at the highest skill level… I can help them get there.


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