Dwell On This!

How to STOP DWELLING on things that take you away from JOY

Manifest and THRIVE Through the Pandemic. Sandra Rinomato shares the tools she has been using to manage her mindset over the last several weeks of lockdown and uncertainty. She shares how she has used these tools to double her income with little effort, secured her dream office location and how YOU CAN MANIFEST ANYTHING YOU WANT TO. Visit her website http://www.goalmate.ca to access tools to help you THRIVE through the pandemic and always. No matter what the outside circumstances may be you can control your own experience and come out stronger and better than ever. After the devastating “Great Depression” many men and women went from being average to becoming multi-millionaires, even billionaires in today’s money. You can too! Times are changing, seize the opportunities at hand and create your best life. NOW is the time, don’t delay. Sandra believes you can manifest anything you want to and the tools at http://www.goalmate.ca are available for download now. Even just these FREE tools can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in your life.


THRIVE OR DIVE, it’s up to you. – Sandra Rinomato

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Real Estate Ain’t Easy

When you get licensed as a realtor and you get your TREB license you think, “alright! I’m going to start helping people move and I’m going to make money!” but as time goes by you realize that you weren’t really prepared for the reality of a career in realty. Your broker didn’t prepare you for the truth and you are feeling like you have been left out in the cold.

It’s pretty easy to get discouraged especially when the bills are piling high and the money isn’t coming in the way you want it to. Many realtors run out of money and are forced to give up their dreams of being a top producing realtor and leave the industry.

Great news! It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t need to figure out how to recreate the wheel, the tools and systems are already here and have been fine tuned and made easy to use. With proper help you’ll become an instant expert in your field and will gain instant cred, get face to face with people who genuinely want your help and you will do this as an independent agent (not someone’s buyer agent or licensed assistant) so you can build your own name and make money right away.

Don’t give up, please! Reach out, I can help you. I have 25 years of experience to share with you, along with systems, coaching, hands-on mentoring and viable real estate leads from the best condo website in the city http://www.condos.ca. With my help you will succeed. Reach out and let’s start talking today to see if we are a good fit.

You’ve got this!


Brand New Realtors

It’s not every new realtor who makes it to the 5 year mark, and actually, the statistics can be pretty scary. Only 17% make it. Don’t be discouraged! I teach realtors how to become successful and how to last in this fabulous industry.

This can be an amazing career especially if you love to work with people in helping them achieve their real estate goals. Remember this, you are making a difference in people’s lives and any realtor who does not take that seriously should reconsider their vocation. I’m serious! Ok, we’re not saving lives but we are facilitating people in building their lives, to move to the next phase of their lives. Maybe to start a family or sell their home so they can start their dream business or whatever the reason, we can help them make sure their transition is smooth and as rewarding as possible. A realtor with poor training and attitude can mess it all up for them.

Having the sincere desire to help people is a must in my company. I won’t work with any mentees who are in it just for their own benefit. They don’t fit in with my paradigm and I simply can’t relate to them. Realtors who truly care about becoming the best they can be so they can service clients at the highest skill level… I can help them get there.